Dr. Alexandre Voskuyl

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Professor Alexandre Voskuyl graduated from VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam and trained in rheumatology at the Amsterdam’s Jan van Breemen Institute (now called Reade) in 1992. He spent a year at Hôpital Bichat in Paris, France as a rheumatology trainee. Between 1992 and 1997, he was an assistant professor of rheumatology at the Leiden University Medical Center; he received his PhD in 1998 (Vasculitis in rheumatoid arthritis). In 1997, he joined the faculty at VUmc, raising thru the ranks. In 2014, he became a full professor of rheumatology at this institution.

Professor Voskuyl major research area focused initially on vasculitis as well as on remission in rheumatoid arthritis; later, he became more involved with systemic lupus erythematosus and systemic sclerosis. In 2007, he started the Amsterdam Lupus Cohort, including a biobank for the assessment of biomarkers on lupus and the assessment of damage, patient related outcomes and comorbidities in SLE. In 2014, and in collaboration with other academic partners, he started a national lupus registry in The Netherlands, The Dutch Auto-immune Registry (DAiRE).

Alexandre is currently involved in the development of remission criteria in SLE. In parallel, his basic science group investigates the role of exosomes in SLE, and the potential value of exosomes as biomarkers in lupus nephritis.

Alexandre joined the SLICC group in 2017.

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