Dr. Andreas Jönsen

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Dr. Andreas Jönsen’s received his medical degree from Lund University, Sweden; he completed his training in Rheumatology at Skåne University Hospital also in Lund. He went on to obtain a PhD in Rheumatology in 2006, also in Lund. Subsequently, he was a post-doctoral fellow at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Back in Sweden he joined the rheumatology faculty of Skåne University. In 2012, and under the auspices of the Swedish Rheumatology Council, he chaired a work group which was charged with setting up and implementing a SLE Swedish quality registry. Currently, Andreas is working at the Skåne University Hospital’ Department of Rheumatology in Lund where he is responsible for the care of patients with SLE and systemic vasculitis.

The SLE research group at Lund University, Sweden, has a long history of studies on epidemiology, prognosis and the complement system in SLE; these studies comprised about 60 peer-reviewed publications. Currently, the focus of Andreas’ group is on outcome and disease mechanisms of cardiovascular disease in SLE, pathogenesis and diagnosis of neuropsychiatric lupus, as well as the role of neutrophils and platelets in lupus pathogenesis.

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