Dr. Eric Boilard

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Dr. Eric Boilard is Associate Professor of Medicine at Université Laval in Quebec, Canada and a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) investigator awardee, the most competitive prize awarded to new researchers in Canada. Dr Boilard’s research, supported by a CIHR Foundation grant, is dedicated to the delineation of mechanisms by which platelets and their microparticles contribute to rheumatic diseases. His laboratory is equipped with the most modern technologies for the study of platelets and microparticles in murine models of lupus, and includes dedicated innovative flow cytometry approaches for the analysis of microparticles in blood of patients with lupus. Dr Boilard believes that the understanding of platelet contributions to chronic inflammation in lupus, and the appreciation of the microparticle diversity in blood, will permit to delineate mechanisms underlying lupus disease.

The work of Dr. Boilard’s team led to the identification of an active role of platelets and their microparticles in rheumatoid arthritis (Science, 2010). Eric has published extensively in other prestigious journal including the Journal of Immunology, Blood and Thrombosis and Haemostasis, among others.

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